Gallery 2 – Spain

My association with Spain goes back over 40 years to when I married my Spanish husband and moved to Madrid. Since then I have got to know Barcelona well too. It’s climate is a lot milder than Madrid’s and the city is a lot smaller and more compact, sandwiched as it is between the sea and the mountains. Low budget airlines have made it cheap to get to and it attracts millions of tourists and also those who want to spend a little longer there. It’s a photographer’s delight and there is a photo opportunity at every turn – street life, architecture and not least the fantastic natural landscape with the Pyrenees on the doorstep.

There are some delightful places to visit just outside the city too – Figueras, with the Salvador Dali museum, the monastery at Montserrat, and Girona with its Flower Festival to name but a few.

Some of these pictures were taken on a boat ride around Barcelona’s busy harbour with the ‘W’ building – the luxury hotel based on a Dubai design – dominating the skyline. Some were taken at the Girona flower festival which takes place in May and the rest I took at the Boquería food market just off the Ramblas in the very heart of Barcelona – a market which not surprisingly has attracted the attention of most chefs who visit the city – the noise, the atmosphere and the colour of the  displays would entice any shopper!

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A link to more images:
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