Norway here we come!

What a washout this Bank Holiday has been – raining all day!

pic2 The slugs are out to play at least!!

Here’s one, travelling VERY SLOWLY, across the top of my kitchen window.



To distract myself from the dismal weather I have started to research my next holiday – in November we’re going on a cruise up the Norwegian coast so I thought I’d do a bit of preparation. Surprisingly, I’ve even found a couple of Norwegian speakers in this backwater so I’ve been learning my numbers and how to say ‘How much?!!’ I pride myself at being quite good at languages but this one does seem quite complicated – apart from the fact that there are apparently three different versions of Norwegian!

My travelling companion just likes going on cruises, but personally I have two reasons for going to Norway – to see the Northern Lights and to see some huskies in action. I think we’d have to join an icebreaker to see a polar bear but we do get to see some huskies (and probably the odd reindeer). Advice from photography friends is to get a tripod so I’ll be investing in one of those. I’ve also read all the tips about how to get the best shots but this fantastic natural light show must be one of the most photographed phenomena in the world – still – you never know! I might get lucky!

My knowledge of Norwegian geography is non existent, for example,  I didn’t realise that Norway shares a tiny bit of its border with Russia. But I will soon know more –  we’ll be  stopping off at Kristiansund, Alta, Tromso, the Lofoten Islands and Alesund – not necessarily in that order! – so watch this space and prepare to be amazed by some great photos.

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